4 Amber Lights, Rebuilding Drives for Sharespace for 8TB

It seems I can’t get the WD Sharespace Control Panel to come up, according to some posts here, this “joke” of a NAS actually installs software on the drives itself, which is the dumbest thing ever, especially if you have 4 drives fail on you, or if you’re upgrading the drive to 8TB. It seems this thing has no means for formatting the drives to be used in the sharespace.

Why isn’t there a CD or ISO or EXE or something we can download from the website which will allow us to prep up one of the hard drives, so it can in turn prep the rest of them for usage in the Sharespace. I know WD must have something like that in their IT room/factory/somewhere.

It would be nice if they could put that up so we can rebuild the drives before having to RMA them in.

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actually if you turn off the box, pull all the drives, write zeros to them, then put in the first one, by itself, and turn on the sharespace, it will begin to rebuild itself.  you will have to wait until all the blinking lights become solid, though.  do this for each of the other drives, and when you’re done then you’ll be able to go in and change to whatever raid you want.

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