Formatting all HDD's


My friend bought a used ShareSpace 4X1TB HDD’s and he tought it’s like usb mybook essentials but turned out it’s not so he took the 4 hdd’s and connected them as sata and formatted them thought he could mont them all back as normal hdd’s but the whole box is not mounting anymore and no device in the network detected?

What should i do to fix it now?

It’s my understanding that if you do something like this, the sharespace will try to rebuild the array once you power it back up. If not, maybe you can tell it to re-build the array via the gui.

Note that re-building the array will take a long time - after having problems with the latest firmware update, I set my 4x1TB sharespace to rebuild a raid5 array - I got a warning message that it would take 16-17 hours

As per the gui log, things are proceding at approximately 20% done every 23 hours…

I’m getting in WD Discover “No Network Device” is that normal? how to access the gui?

Also the sharespace system is located oe one of the HDD’s or somewhere else?