Shares dropping during long backups

Not sure where this issue lies, so I thought I’d put it out here and see if anyone else is having similar problems.

I have a 4TB Gen2 single bay. Since updating to the latest firmware ( I have been having problems with clients losing access to networks shares during lengthy file operations: backups, huge (GB) file copies, etc. I have a number of Win7 and Win10 computers and the problem has hit all of them.

When the network share drops out, the client computer can’t reconnect the share until the WD itself has been rebooted - rebooting the client doesn’t help. Other clients that still see the share can’t touch the file(s) in question.

But since this last firmware update, it seems that quite often the WD can’t be rebooted normally and must be power cycled by unplugging it. Sometimes I can log in and reboot via the dashboard, but quite often the dashboard status is blank and the links on the page (and menu) don’t work. QuickView can see the device, but if the dashboard doesn’t work, QV can’t shut down the device either (and why does QV have no “reboot” option?). I can log in via SSH, but the reboot command doesn’t work: it just produces a series of messages saying that various services can’t be shut down.
[Note: I have not tried the shell reboot under normal circumstances - I only know it doesn’t seem to work when the network shares are hosed. Is it even supposed to work?]

Anybody else seeing something like this? Any suggestions?

I don’t see a way to roll back firmware updates, and it seems if I do a factory reset it would just want to install the latest firmware again. Is there a way to force install of a specific version? And if so, where do I get an older version?



You should contact WD Support for such an issue. To contact WD support, you can refer to the links mentioned below.