Upgraded EX4 to framework 2.11.133 , lost all shares except public , please help

i have automatically upgraded my EX4 to framework 2.11.133 .i have lost all shares except public . i can see from the dashboard that there is space used around 800 GB .
is there a way to recover my shares and fix this issue even if i can downgrade ?
my RAID5 8TB encrypted , i know the passord and managed to moun the drives ok but yeah lost all shares - folders- , your help is appreciated . all my life photos and videos are lost now. they mean the world to me.

This firmware is majorly buggy - I have reported this to WD but there seems to be no work around yet nor the ability to rollback to the previous firmware.

Hello there,

Have you tried to restart the device or reset the unit to see if this helps? We have passed this along to support.

Yeah i restarted many times.
even went to shutting the server down and removing the power plug for 5-10
minutes and connecting it again , still showing nothing.