Shares disappeared

All fine yesterday when working on them. Today shares of both my WD NAS (MyCloud mirror RAID) and EXUltra JBODs disappeared. Home pages show the amounts of data on each. On ExUltra I was looking at settings and made 1 innocuous change and the WD hung on updating the change - result no user shares!

The MyCloud recovered on reboot but not the (newer) EXUltra.

I am logged on via FTP and can see the share contents so should be able to retrieve the 100GB plus of data.

This is not the first time seems to be a regular occurence with WD’s in my experience. A real pain and inconvenience.

This subforum is generally for the single bay My Cloud. See the specific subforums for the Mirror and EX Ultra where people more familiar with those products may be able to assit.