Setup does not detect WD Cloud Mirror


I have a problem with my new MyCloud Mirror (4TB). mcm_windows_setup does not detect the device and I cannot run setup. I installed WD access and it works fine. I als installed WD Discovery which correctly shows my device. I guess there is no network problem. What else could be wrong?

I am using Win7 and a Chrome Browser.


if you changed the name of the device the software might not recognize it. I had a similar problem with the My Cloud (not mirror). I never installed the software for the MCM. In windows explorer you can access the device dashboard by going to network & sharing. A shutdown of MCM, your router, & pc will likely clear it up. Start the router first, then MCM, then PC after MCM finishes booting up and the lights are all blue.

In windows 7 the access to the dashboard is the icon that looks like a computer under network & sharing.

You can also access the dashboard by typing the device name or the IP address assigned by your router to the MCM in the address bar of your browser. I reserved an IP for MCM in my router so it will always have the same IP on my network. This is important for port forwarding and FTP if you plan on using that.

Thank you NunyaBiznas. By accessing the dashboard I managed to finalize the setup. It is indeed not necessary to run mcm_windows_setup.