Problem with Accessing my cloud mirror on laptop

Hello i recently got a 8TB my cloud mirror and i first installed it on my PC it works great now when i bought a laptop a few days after i thought of installing it on my Laptop too and on Windows 10 it just works strange

on PC when i go to Network and Storage and double click it goes to the folder of the WD (ip) and on the laptop after double click instead of showing me all the folders it just goes to the dashboard thru Chrome

and i cant even see the the WD under Computer category in the network folder i dunno what i did but i saw it for a while under category “unspecified” and then it disappeared

so my question in total is how i make it act the same way it does on my Win7 on PC? when i double click storage it opens the folders and not go to the website? and how do i make my WD appear under computer?

In Windows 10 PC under Windows Explorer:

In the left hand pane scroll down and select Network
The right hand pane will show all the devices on your network
Near the top you’ll see ‘computers’ the MCM should appear there but when you double-click that it opens to your shares. Scroll down on the RH side. At the bottom you’ll see 'storage" the MCM should appear there also. When you double-click that the Dashboard will open. Seems backwards to me but that is Windows for you.

You can always access the Dashboard by typing the IP address into your browser.