mc_setup can't find device

I can browse the device with a broser, create accounts, shares, update firmware etc.

I can hit the shares with Windows Explorer.

When I launch the downlaoded software for ‘MyCLoud’ it states ‘No WD My Cloud Found’

I can run ‘WDDiscovery’ and it finds it right away.

Anyone have an idea why the WD My Clud setup software can’t find the device?

(WIndows 8.1 64bit)

-= Bruce


Have you tried resetting the unit? or reinstalling the app?

Yes, This is actually the install that is failing, so I can’t ‘re-install’.:

So far, WD Discovery, and WD Smartware work perfectly. It is only the:


that fails. I’ll assume it is the isntaller for ‘my cloud’

I did reset, but since it was brand new at the time, there wasn’t much to change with a reset.

I am wodnering if this is more of a network security issue.

I run as an un-privileged user, never as admin.