Setting up My Cloud Internet Connection using Wifi Router


I bought the My Cloud 4T after reading up on it and thinking it was pretty straight forward and easy and I have just plugged it into the internet router as shown in the instructions diagram and then plugged the power in however the start up software says it can’t find the device. The blue light is steady as requested and apart from that I do not know how to check if the internet is actually getting to it. I am using a fon wifi modem which has the blue internet cable going from the wall straight into it yet there is only one spare port for another cable to attach to it. It says under it in small writing ‘computer’… worried this isn’t what is needed for connecting the My Cloud I googled typicle router pictures and others say ‘LAN’ instead and have 4-6 spare ports… I am still unsure whether the ‘computer’ and ‘LAN’ port is the same thing though…

I attempted hardwireing the My Cloud device to my Mac and it was able to go to the next start up step and tell me the serial number and create a user name etc. But in doing so it also said that there is no internet connection on the My Cloud and it may not be accesed remotely. 

Could this mean:

a) I need to get a typicle router with LAN ports.

b) Is there a way to communicate with these wifi router things to see that the My Cloud device gets internet to it (I can type the wifi modem’s IP in and log in and look at the settings etc but don’t know what I am doing or where to look if there is something I could do help get a connection happening.

Thank you kindly.

Are you able to open the Dashboard? If you can what does it show for your internet connection?

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cat0w (USA)

It says no internet access.

Thank you.