Setting Up G Speed ES Problems


I have recently brought some new drives for an old G Speed ES unit we had at work and I can’t set it up properly to work. I have installed 2x4tb drives into it, but on my PC (Windows 10 64-bit) it only shows up as 4tb available. There is only 1 blue light on by the first drive and not the second no matter which slot it goes into.

Now I have tried to install pretty much all the possible software off the site including:
G-Technology Assistant
G-Technology Format Wizard
G-SPEED Studio Software
G-Technology RAID Configuration Utility

But none of them seem to work and just freeze. Is there something I am missing as it is driving me crazy!

This is because you don’t have it plugged into a supported RAID controller.

The ES requires a specific RAID controller card to be attached. It won’t work via a standard eSATA port. The card we qualified and sold with it many years ago was the RocketRAID 2314. They made a newer version of the card RocketRAID 644L which is what would be needed on a Windows 10 system.


Thanks for your reply. I have now brought a 644L and both drives are showing up. however I can’t seem to work out how to setup a raid for the drives so that they appear as 1 8tb drive instead of 2 x 4tb drives? any advice?

With that you’ll need to contact Highpoint and get support from them about utilizing the card to create a RAID spanning multiple enclosures.