HD not working in ES but ok externally

I’ve been having troubles with an ES unit I bought used. I have two and one works perfectly as RAID 0. However the other keeps crashing. I thought it was a drive so bought another but now a different drive is giving me blue screen in Win 10. However if I detach and use it with an external cable it seems fine.

So I can’t tell if the ES unit has an issue or if these drives are going bad.




The eS units don’t have any specific controllers in them. They just have a SATA passthrough backplane. Are you using the RAID controller we sold with the unit the RocketRAID 2314 or are you just attaching it to the eSATA port on your motherboard?

If you’re using the controller then you can log into the webgui to see if there any issues reported, if you are just using your own controller and it is having an issue through the eS it could be compatibility issues. What type and size of the drive are you using?

Yes, I’m using your controller. Drive is HDT721010SLA360. This seems related to my earlier issue with another drive in the same unit. I have another eS unit that works fine. Am just trying to determine what’s the issue as I don’t want to lose any data. I replaced one drive which definitely seems bad, but then this one started acting up but works fine connected to my laptop through estata port.