G speed 16tb only showing 3.7tb capacity


Hey guys,

Got a brand new 16tb GSPEED eS and have set it up but the only allocated space is 3.7tb which seems to suggest that I have bought a 4tb G SPEED.

I don’t know what information is useful here but here are the specs listed on the bottom of my GSPEED:

I’ve read about the different Raid configurations but cannot find the correct software to download, I apologise if this is all really basic stuff but it isn’t very intuitive for a noob like myself aha!


In order for the G-SPEED eS to work properly and show full capacity it needs to be attached to your computer with the compatible RAID controller eSATA card. The Highpoint RocketRAID 2314. If you use any other card or just an eSATA port on your motherboard it will not work correctly.