G-SPEED eS 4TB with MacPro 3,1 and running OSX 10.11.6

I just purchased a G-SPEED eS 4TB drive as a used product on eBay ; it came with a Highpoint RocketRaid 2314 eSATA card .

Id didn’t take me long to discover that Highpoint don’t support my operating system with that card , and reading around on the internet I purchased a Sonnet Tempo E4P eSATA card which does install and operate on my system .

With the G-SPEED eS installed ( trying to use the G-Technology drivers for Snow Leopard ) the drive mounts as the four individual drive members , but not as a RAID array .

The version of disk utility within my operating system no longer includes an option to create a RAID array from individual disks .

Does anyone know of third party software , or another way of doing this ?

While I can still make use of the device as four individual disks , I would prefer to use it as a RAID array if possible .

Just to update this , and answer my own question , I have partially solved this .

A bit more reading revealed that while Mac OS disk utility no longer supports RAID within its GUI , it is still possible to configure RAID arrays within the Terminal app by typing in lines of code .

At present I have the device configured for RAID 0 ( I would have preferred RAID 5 but haven’t figured out how to do this yet with the resources I have available , so am presently just using this device as a backup for data I have elsewhere ) . Terminal also supports RAID 1 .

There are third party software solutions ( which cost money ) so I might go down that route later .

I’m also wondering ( before I commit too much time and data to this enclosure ) whether it will support larger internal drives ( 2 , 3 or 4 TB capacities ) since these are now quite inexpensive .

The Sonnet won’t support it either.

Your best option if you’re using 10.11 is the Highpoint RocketRAID 644L. It has built in driver support and the webgui from HighPoint will allow you to configure the eS.

That’s odd : the Sonnet arrived yesterday and as soon as I installed it , up came the G-SPEED .

The G-SPEED initially mounted as the four individual member drives , so I had to use the Terminal utility to configure as a RAID 0 array .

All working very nicely now .

The Sonnet card was the one recommended by a number of reputable Mac resellers as the card of choice , Highpoint on the other hand are widely criticised online for poor customer support . Hence my choice .

Oh , also there’s another thread on this very forum , which I read before deciding to go with the Sonnet , where other members were advised to use the Highpoint 644L , and then reported back that it didn’t work , also that Highpoint support is non existent …

They used the HBA and not the RAID controller. That is why it didn’t work.

This exact card will work