Set up with wifi only

Can I set up my cloud with wifi only? I do have a PC laptop with ethernet and separately a router with no service. Thanks.

The My Cloud does not have WiFi. It uses an Ethernet connection to connect to a router, switch or PC.

If you have a WiFi router then connect the My Cloud to the WiFi router’s networking port (most consumer routers have four networking ports). Then connect the WiFi computer (or mobile device) to the same WiFi router. Once connected one can use the My Cloud Dashboard to setup and configure the My Cloud.

One may also want to read the My Cloud User Manual ( as well if they haven’t done so already. The User Manual explains how to access the My Cloud and configure the various options/features.

Thanks Bennor. I apologize I actually have a franklin r850 hotspot with wifi. It is not a router with a Ethernet connection. Am I able to link a router to the franklin r850 hotspot? And then connect to the Ethernet?

Maybe, if the router supports connecting to another wifi router/hotspot. Some lower end/low cost consumer routers may not support being configured as a WiFi Ethernet Bridge or similar setting. It is possible a WiFi extender may also work, one which has a Gigabit networking port. The other option is to connect the My Cloud direct to the computer’s Ethernet port, provided the computer has an ethernet port, then use that computer’s WiFi adapter to access the Franklin R850 WiFi hotspot. To work one may have to “bridge” the computer Ethernet port connection with the computer’s WiFi connection. One can search the internet for directions/steps on how to bridge two network adapters together.

The problem you face is the Franklin R850 doesn’t appear to have an Ethernet port, it is pure WiFi only.

If there is no wired infrastructure at all (very strange if true), you could get a range extender. Those frequently have a local LAN port for initial setup, but after being set up, that port becomes bridged with the wireless network it extends. (Many even have options to simply serve as bridges instead) Just be aware that even wireless AC is not as good as wired gigabit.

Bennor, do I have to set up and use my cloud at my own home? Am I able to set it up using a modem to my friends computer? Will I be constricted to my friends computer afterward? Or, am I able to transition to my own computer or location? Thanks.

You can set it up on any network, and then connect it to your network. You cannot run the Dashboard remotely, though.

You will still need to have a wired connection to your local network to use the device at home. So I would suggest that you address that issue.

It’s a mobile data access point; essentially a 4G mobile phone, without the phone bit, to provide an internet access point.

It has been 3 years so a lot of things have changed. There is a large variety of opportunities to set your cloud just by wifi. Like, if you live in UK you can use the Sky Wi-fi. which i understood is one of the best. Maybe you might not be able to set it up to your router if you still have the franklin r850 hotspot, though i am not sure, i am using a D-Link AC2600 Wi-Fi Router, and i can tell you that it is actually doing a really nice job, i do not even need a booster. I also heard that the SPOTO ccna dumps can also do the job, nowdays there are a lot of solutions actually.

well. . .but the myclouds have not changed.

They fundamentally still only “offer” wired connectivity to your network. Once connected to your network; then you can connect and setup using a WiFi PC; or even a phone (assuming the phone is on the house wifi network).

Loading up with data is a different matter. If you are doing something other than a few hundred MB; or streaming a movie. . .you really want a wired connection to the network.