Router and MyCloud

Can My Cloud be connected via Ethernet to PC that has Wi-Fi or must it be connected directly to router (even if router is physically in another location).

Generally it is recommended one connect the My Cloud to a router, ideally a gigabit router. Connecting the My Cloud to the router makes it easier for all devices on the local network to have access to the My Cloud.

If one connects the My Cloud to their PC it will complicate things if one wants to then share the My Cloud to other devices on the local network. If connecting to a PC one would need a PC that has both an Ethernet connection for the My Cloud and a wireless connection so that PC can connect to the local network. One would then have to configure and bridge the two network connections on the PC together so that PC shares the My Cloud on the local network. The other issue is that with a My Cloud connected through a PC that PC would have to remain on to have access to the My Cloud.

The following link explains how to bridge network adapters in Windows 10 if one decides to connect the My Cloud direct to their Windows 10 PC.

If you haven’t done so already it is recommend one read the My Cloud User Manual which explains how to setup the My Cloud and use its various features/options. The User Manual can be downloaded from the following link:

If one is contemplating connecting the My Cloud to a PC because their router is out of networking ports, it is better to buy a gigabit switch and connect the switch to the My Cloud and to the router to expand the available Ethernet ports.

It can be connected directly to a computer via Ethernet cable.

It cannot be connected directly to a computer via WiFi, as the MyCloud does not have a WiFi function.

If the MyCloud is connected by Ethernet cable to a router with Ethernet ports and WiFi, your PC can access the MyCloud by WiFi, via the router.