Getting Online Without A Router

Hello, I am not too tech savy. My issue is at my previous address I had my own router in which My Cloud was hooked up to. Currently I moved and my WiFi is free to me at my apartment provided by my landlord. I do not have access to their router to connect to. What I was wondering is it possible to use my laptop to connect to in order to get My Cloud back online so I can transfer my photos to the device from my iPhone and the installed My Cloud app on it. I don’t need it to be permanently sent up to be online all the time and my laptop runs Windows. Thank You

The WD My Cloud has no built in WiFi capabilites … it must be connected to a Wireless Router (via the Ethernet Port) to be accessed over WiFi.

Possibly, you could connect it to a Switch (via Ethernet) and then to your Laptop (via Ethernet) and then via your Laptop’s Wireless Connection connect to it via WiFi from your iPhone. Basically, the My Cloud needs an IP Address which a Router will assign it one or a Switch should do the same thing.

There are a couple of ways to deal your issue. The easiest is to buy your own WiFi router (if you don’t have one) and setup your own WiFi network, separate from your apartment’s WiFi, for the iPhone and My Cloud to connect to. Some consumer routers can be configured to connect to an existing WiFi network.

Or if your laptop has a Ethernet networking port you can connect the My Cloud to the laptop’s Ethernet port. If your laptop also has a WiFi adapter/capability it may be possible to “bridge” the Ethernet port to the WiFi port to allow for the My Cloud to gain access to the apartment’s WiFi network.

Consider however that connecting your My Cloud to the apartment building’s WiFi will potentially open the My Cloud up to everyone in that apartment building who is using that WiFi. They may be able to access your My Cloud and it’s contents.By using your own WiFi router can you at least segment the My Cloud from the apartment building’s WiFi making it more secure from other’s accessing the My Cloud contents.

No way in h*** I’d trust that setup…

I’d get a WiFi bridge and connect it to the WAN side of my own router.

Now it could get tricky because you’re Double-NATing, but no way would I trust the security of a landlord-provided WiFi any more than I’d trust the wild-west Internet.

I agree.

I would find some way to multihome, and then blacklist every IP in the landlord’s subnet except my bridge, and the primary gateway.

No way in hell I am letting 50 other people into my private network space, just because the landlord does not grok networking and set up some consumer POS wifi access point to avoid having to run cable.

Thank you for all the responses. Hopefully I can figure out some of your suggestions due to my lack of tech skills. The wireless router is only being accessed by me and my landlord. I live in a single apartment attached to a house so my concern was only being able to transfer family photos at certain times but not to remain online constantly. Thank you again. Any additional suggestions please keep them coming.