Can I use my cloud with non internet connected router?

I want to use the drive within my house but do not want my data on the internet. Will connecting it to a router NOT connected to the internet allow this?

It should do.

I just tested my WD MyCloud which is connected to a 8 Port Network Switch to my Router … powered off and unplugged the Router which is connected to the Internet

and was still able to access the My Cloud from my PC and other devices connected to the 8 Port Network Switch.

As long as your router not connected to internet it still assigns an IP Address for the My Cloud, then it should work. The Network Switch does the same with no internet access … it assigns all connected devices an IP Address to be access over your Local Network without being connected to the Internet.

Technically the device could be connected to a router with no internet however it should be noted that internet access is required by any device trying to access files on the NAS as WD servers are used to authenticate you to the NAS.

So in effect the answer is no. The NAS needs an internet connection to work and if WD ever shuts down their servers you will lose all access to your files.

Plese note there is a grace period once you’ve authenticated. Internet going out for a few minutes won’t cause you to lose access if you’ve already authenticated but you will lose access within an hour of not having internet.

Of course you can transfer data to the My Cloud without an internet connection. The My Cloud is a Network Attached Storage (NAS) device. It connects to your local network via an Ethernet cable. You cannot connect a computer to the USB port on the My Cloud and visit official website

Please don’t give out incorrect information Wilhelms. The My Cloud device needs an internet connection. It’s not a real NAS solution as it’s fully dependant on WD servers to handle authentication and cannot be accessed without having an active internet connection.

Anyone who wants safe local backup should not touch this device. You’re placing your complete trust in WD and will eventually lose access to files stored on this device once they cut support for your model.