Set up mycloud on a mac

hi i dont know if ive done this right i have the WD quick view in the top menu bar to acess the dashboard and have the mycloud app which lets me get to the files . however in network on my mac mini i click on the wdmycloud drive conect as guest then get this error ( the operation cant be completed because the original item  for public cant be found ).

have i done somthing wrong ? should i uninstall try again or leave it ?.

If the My Cloud is yours and you are the administrator why do you want to connect as a guest?

I have Windows 7 and I know I can create Users who have access to the My Cloud but I am not aware of a guest choice.

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cat0w (USA)

i can only connect through the wd app im unable to mount the drive i cant connect as registered user and yes im the administrator i cant connect over the network on my mac 

if i click on the public folder i get the error about the original item for public cant be found .

only had mac for three weeks was fine before win 7 used to open my computer see the drive add filres delete files that way .

im trying to reinstall the wdmyclioud app it gets so far finds the drive then getsso far with set up says i dont have permissions on this server 

then says i will be unable to mount the drive thats as far as i get any help with this guys ?.

should i rest my mycloud drive ? if i do will i lose everything on there 

a system only restore won’t delete shares or data, everything else is reset like new. from your discription I doubt if this is the case.

I am not a mac person but you should not even need the apps for local access, http://mycloudIP/UI  for the dashboard

Finder to access files

on the mac you do have a choice of using SMB or AFP, I believe AFP is prefeered. not sure how you choose but you can try booth since this worked on Windows SMB is working

thanks for replying  i can conect to the server see the public folder smatware timeshare etc but when i click to connect it says

there was a problem connecting to the server  192 etc 

you do not have permisssion to acess this server ?.

and ive managed to get WD quickview  to get to the dashboard 

Right had apple remote take over my pc to see if it was a mac related problem set up a new test account and still git the same errors also tested on windows laptop with same sever permission errors any idears is it a WD sever problem ?.