Help required to connect to WDMyCloud drive

Hi all

Can anyone please help. I am using a Mac computer and I have my WD MyCloud connected to a BT Internet modem. I can find my WD MyCloud in my Mac finder window under shared/All/ Network. When I double click on my WD MyCloud drive in the finder window it connects and shows me all my uploaded files on the WD MyCloud drive. I can add files and delete files and everything is fine :slight_smile:
My problem is I cannot find anyway to connect to my WD MyCloud drive thru the browser app. I have downloaded 2 different apps from WDCom “WD Access for Mac” and “WD Drive Utilities for Mac” but neither connects to my WD MyCoud drive. which means I cannot change my shares or authenticate anything.
Any help would be greatly appreciated,

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Use this link and see if the information helps.

You may want to watch this video too

Hi there thanks for the advice :slight_smile: I have managed to do a 4 second reset and can now login thru my finder window and sbm.
Sadly I still cannot get to my dashboard to get into the drive internally :frowning: i have tried putting in http://wdmycloud.local/ but it comes up with Server not found
Could you please advise me as to what I need to do to access my Dashbord or is there an app I need to download and us or similar.
Very frustrating but thank you for any advice


Hi, I am having the exact same issues!

Cannot get into the dashboard nor connect via my cloud mobile app in my android nor my iphone.

Yet when looking the wdmyclourmirror from network it’s all there and my file, uploads still can be conducted.

Pls WD help resolve this through new driver. or is it because of the latest driver download.