MyCloud found but cannot connect

first, sorry if there’s someone already posted the same topics. (you could give me the link).

I’m having this issue that myCloud is found on the MyCloud app on mac (el capitan 10.11.5), but everytime i try to connect it says failed to connect to device. I cannot access the dashboard through web browser. Cannot open the drive via finder. But I can access it only through phone app and internet. In other words, I cannot access the drive via local network.

(I change the router the day before, because of the isp is having some trouble and the technician said he got to replace it with the new unit)

Why does this happening?

thank you!:slight_smile:

Hi @afarensis

how do you try to access the My Cloud? Didi you use http://wdmycloud.local or http://IP-address.local ?
If you can connect throught he App, the device itself is well connected in your network.

I’m trying to access through finder but it says connection failed. Also, cannot connect to the dashboard both using direct IP and mycloud local.

that is all I’ve got. Is there anything I can do? perhaps the setting for my router that I need to know?


Hi @afarensis

you try to open the My Cloud by the older WD My Cloud App, not by the Finder. As long as there is no cloud access granted to any user, there will nothing happen here.

Please open your device by and access the Web Interface direct to make all settings and configuration you want. Afterwards, you will the My Cloud in Finder too, within the network environment.

I’m suspicious that the device really is at that address. I would go to the router’s control interface, and check its device list to see what address it has assigned to the MyCloud; that’s the most reliable way of finding what the IP address really is.

My suspicion is, that, for some reason, the Mac has not updated its IP table, and is looking for the MyCloud on the IP address assigned by the previous router. A new router will assign a whole new set of IP addresses, and may even use a completely different subnet or range of addresses (especially if it is a different type).

A simple reboot of the Mac may get it to sort itself out; reboot of connected equipment is wise in the event of a major change, such as a router replacement.

It does make sense. I’ll try.
But here’s the thing. This cloud is from my office, and blablabla the router change (previously using ZTE and now its FiberHome both are fiberoptic)and that ■■■■ happens. So I brought the cloud home. Plug it to my router (D-Link) and everything’s work just fine. Despite different types of router. Or should I just request new router to my isp?