MyCloud and Macbook

I have a macbook running OS 10.10.5 (Yosemite) and the finder has stopped connecting with my WD MyCloud. There have been no obvious updates. I know this was a problem with El Capitane but I haven’t had this.

If I open finder and go to Go, then connect to server, it asks for the IP address of the storage device. How can I find this out if my computer won’t recognise it?

The HD is still working - I can read its content on the My Cloud app, but not with my macbook.

Any advice would be great.


You can find the IP address of the My Cloud (if you didn’t set a static IP address within the My Cloud) by accessing your router’s administration page and checking the DHCP client IP address assignments and find the one that corresponds to your My Cloud or it’s MAC address (found on the bottom of the My Cloud).

Or one can download and install the WD Access program for Mac / Windows ( The WD Access program should be able to find the My Cloud on the local network.

Or one can access the My Cloud Dashboard by using their web browser and going to http://wdmycloud.local (Mac) or http://wdmycloud (Windows). And then select Settings > Network and the IP address should be listed on that page.

Hi there.
I managed to get the IP address, but even with that I couldn’t get to the HD. I could still access it through the My Cloud app, and also on my iPhone, putting the IP straight into the browser window on Safari on the phone. or the IP into my macbook’s browser window still wouldn’t connect last night. However this morning I rechecked my Network Diagnostics and although it said everything was normal, the window opened and the finder worked again.

I don’t know if the macbook just stopped recognising the Static IP, but it now seems to work and, more importantly, I now have a good way of working through it if it happens again.

Many thanks for your prompt reply. It was a great deal of help.