Can't connect to MyCloud from Mac OSx 10.9.3

I started to have this issue when i upgraded to Maverick. MyCloud is visible on the finder, but i can’t access the folders. It prompts this error " The operation can’t be completed because the original item for “Public” can’t be found."

I have done full drive restore, still same result.  MyCloud is ruuning latest fware WDMyCloud v03.04.01-230 : Core F/W.

Any help is very much appreciated. TQVM.

Hello, try following the steps to map the My Cloud on page 23 of the manual.

it didn’t work. I tried that already.  connect to server smb.jpg

connect to server smb no permission.jpg

I aslo tried using WD my cloud setuo app. 

Sorry for the delay, have you tried using AFP instead of SMB?