Problem accessing WD My Cloud using Mavericks

I have a new MacBook Pro with 10.9.4.  It’s my first OSX computer.  I’ve been using Windows for ever and know my way around quite well.

I have a WD MyCloud NAS which I initially was able to connect to but now am unable. it appears in Finder as BannzCloud as below:

When I try to connect I get :

I try to access the NAS Dashbooard via Safari I get:

If I try to PING the NAS IP address I get constant timeouts. 

I am able to PING successfully from a Windows computer connected to the same network.  I am able to access the dashboard from browsers in several PCs and from an iPad. Shared folders are accessible on all these devices but not this Mavericks unit. 

Any bright ideas?  I’m at my wits end.

Hi Rockoyster,

I’ve escalated your issue to be looked into.  Can you do me a favor and download the Mac My Cloud Desktop app and see if it gives you access to the My Cloud?  Thank you.

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Thanks WD.  I spoke today with Marcus and we worked through a few things but concluded the problem was not with MyCLoud as I coould access it from 3 PCs and an iPad on the same network.  Spent a while with Apple support which led to discovery that I could access MyCloud via ethernet wired connection but not Wi-Fi.  Much diagnosis followed but problem was eventually solve by a simple restart of my router.  All working fine now.

So to the troll who PM-ed me with the suggestion that MyCloud is a crock and WD support would bever fix it I say “Pull your head in buddy”.  

Thank you, rockoyster, for working with us on this.

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