SDK for OS 5

Hi there, when are you publishing the SDK for OS5?
I’d like to compile some of my software to it and I cannot find it anywhere, I saw some posts from the last year with people sending DM but no public information about it.
Is it possible to say something on the matter? I’d really appreciate being able to bundle stuff on my NAS.

Thanks for the answer!
Yeah, I can just compile against that toolchain but I wanted something more streamed line you know? But okay, for my needs I guess I will just cross-compile and see how it goes by pushing over ssh :slight_smile:

Here’s the link to the OS 5 SDK My Cloud OS 5 NAS App

The link seems broken. Can I get a copy of the OS 5 SDK?

Fixed the Share Link My Cloud OS 5 NAS App

I am trying to publish an application for WD MyCloud OS 5 too. The SDK download link seems to have expired again. Can you share it once more?

Here’s the new link

many thanks! This is a really good SDK! I have my packages working and will publish them soon.

Can this be re-shared again, please? Thanks in advance!

@djp952 My Cloud OS 5 SDK

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Thank you so much!!

Please re-re-re-reshare. How come it’s not on an official MyCloud site?

It’s posted here My Cloud OS 5 NAS App Guide