Does SDK work with OS5?

Would I be able to deploy my custom application to my NAS using existing SDK:

@Czuz Thanks for the question. The My Cloud OS 3 SDK will not work with the new My Cloud OS 5 platform.

@SBrown: thank you for the replay. Is there a decision to discontinue this possibility, or there going to be new version of SDK for OS5 at some point in time in the future? When?

@SBrown: I can see on the internet, that there is a new version of mksapkg tool for OS5 but I can’t find it on WD sites (I have checked on

Where do I find it to repackage my custom apps?

@SBrown: I’d really appreciate any answer: this is the link…, I don’t know, I’ll check… I don’t know, please contact…

I know that there is a new version of mksapkg tool and different third party apps have access to it. I just can’t find official source to get it, and for me this is a prerequisite for upgrade.

@Czuz I will contact you via private message

Sorry for the bump, i don’t know how to PM you. Same problem here ; i need to push custom apps to my nas that i just upgraded to OS5, and can’t find any way to do it. Could you please help me ? Thanks

Hello, please can you share the solution with me?