WD My Cloud EX4 SDK (App development)

Greetings WD community,

I just recently purchased a WD My Cloud EX4 since i’ve read that the WD My Book Live had Debian and could run really good programs such as OwnCloud, rtorrent and more.

Well since they are very similar products I thought I would have aptitude (apt-get) and other tools but clearly as soon as I enabled sshd I’ve noticed that the tools wheren’t really there. 

Knowing that his device is an armv5tel means that binaries compiled for such architecture should run.

I’ve email the [Deleted - Privacy] (develpment team) to ask for an SDK but seen that WDbennino’s last login was at 12-03-2013 10:35 AM makes me wonder if someone would respond… I personally would like to port and build good apps such as ejabberd and owncloud.

Has anyone got the SDK already and don’t mind sharing it?

I still have 29 days to return this device.

Your post sounds more like a good Feature Request; the best place for this, is in the Ideas Exchange section. This way someone from WD will be sure to see it and will allow more users to support your idea.

However, I would first search and make sure that there are no other active Feature Requests suggesting the same or similar improvements. If there is, then you could add your post and vote on it.

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11-12-2013 10:53 AM



So  we’re excited to be launching our My Cloud EX4 and more importantly, launching our Linux platform we’re going to be developing on. 


As a part of our strategy, we’ve got support for Linux apps – we’re going to publish some we’ve made but we’ve also got an SDK available.  If you’ve got an app and you’d like it to run on the My Cloud EX family of NAS’s (errr Personal Cloud Storage), please send an email to:


 [edited for security?]


We’re working on a new portal to make this process easier – I’ll look forward to updating you all on that as we get a bit closer.   If you have any questions, feel free…





‎> So should I ask for the SDK over there or will the SDK wont be released? I really would like to keep this product.