My Cloud SDK


I may be jumping the gun here as we have not yet bought a WD 4TB My Cloud server, but before we do I wanted to know how I might go about writing applications to extend the server’s functionality or write my own mobile and desktop apps to upload, query and downlod files stored on the device?

Look forward to hearing from you.



I don’t think there’s any SDK for this device if you’re referring for commercial integrations. For personal or community usage, this device runs on Debian GNU/Linux 7.0 (wheezy) armhf architecture which you deploy your own APIs. As a start, your mobile and desktop apps could interact (http get/post) with the existing apache v2.4.4 and php v5.4.11-1.

Note that this would risk of voiding your warranty.

Thank Nazar. Is it possible to ssh into the device, or in some way to get to su to install some specific software? Mainly I’d look to install NodeJS and CouchDB.

Yes you are able to activate root@shell via WD Dashboard web interface after agreeing to the warranty clause.

“apt-get install couchdb node” is what I believe you’re looking for.