SDK & App Development


So I recently got my hands on a MY Cloud EX4.
I am not satisfied with the HTTP-Download App that comes with the OS.
It is not capable of doing HTTPS Downloads.

Then I saw that it is possible to install 3rd Party Apps. I am a developer and so I thought I 'll give it a try to implement my own download app.

Searching for 2 Days now I am more confused than I was at the beginning.
there is a sdk but it seems that this is not working with the EX4

btu I read that there will be one.
Where to find it?

Hi Patrick

the SDK is build on Docker containerization, but Docker is not working / being availbale on EX4.
If you want to participate, even with being listed as official Third-Party App, then your platform is Marvell ARMADA 385 of My Cloud Mirror Gen.2 and EX2100, Marvell ARMADA 388 of EX4100 or Intel Atom C2350 (DL2100) and Intel Atom C2338 (DL4100).


Can you make the same thing for My Cloud Mirror please ?

Indeed, in My Cloud Mirror dashboard, we can’t download HTTPS files :frowning: .

Thanks in advance.


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