Trying to Develop a My Cloud OS5 NAS App

Hello there!

I’ve been attempting for days now to reverse engineer and develop my own application for my My Cloud PR4100 running OS5 and I can’t seem to get anywhere. Closest I’ve gotten it getting OS5 to recognize the application in the “Apps” section but I can’t do anything else with it for some reason.

All the links in all the other forum topics don’t seem to work anymore and support is absolutely no help with even finding documentation. I am very new to this and only have experience with web development, system administration, and program development, but this is an urgent thing.

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated, and I hope that this topic helps out anyone else that is trying to do the same.

It is a work-related project and I have to get a system up and running fairly quickly. I pick up on things pretty quickly, but have really been struggling with this.

Kind of getting paid, I’m in the military. I’m attempting to build an inventory management system that goes well with our workflow. We don’t sell items, just issue them to people. I was going to hook it up to a phpMyAdmin database and implement a scanner functionality to scan ID cards for issuing gear.

This will help tremendously! Thank you!

The app is only for my LAN, so it won’t have to integrate with anything off-site, just has to be accessible on a laptop that is connected to the same network, so hopefully it will be easier than what you are mentioning.

I’ll keep you posted on the progress!