Is it okay now to upgrade MYCloud PR4100 to OS5?

I’ve been holding off upgrading my PR4100 running OS3 to OS5 because of issues that have been previously been reported. I have heard that WD had an update that would rectify those issues which I think has now been made in their update. Is anyone running the latest 0S5 & is it now recommended to migrate to OS5 and especially if you’re running PLEX?

My Cloud OS 5 is a major and fundamental security release that provides an architectural revamp of our older My Cloud firmware and adds new defenses to thwart common classes of attacks. We recommend that all users upgrade to My Cloud OS 5 as soon as possible to benefit from the latest security fixes.


@Nicholas75: So that said, is the performance and userbility now all that OS3 was, but considerably improved with no now no known issues due to the upgrade ? I do appreciate the security fixes in OS5, but as users will be unable to downgrade if they discover issues that were not there before in OS3, I would also like to know from users how the performance now is compared to OS3. For example, if there’re things users are no longer able to do using OS5, then it might be must to hold out for another update…if that is currently the case that is.

@dswv42 :Thank you for sharing that interesting information. I will remain using OS3 for the foreseeable future.

@Nicholas75 : Will you be responding back to what @dwwv42 purported to clarify what nasAdmin does and why it is there and cannot be disable by users, as well as the other points he raised ?

I think most of us would like to know, I know I would.

@dswv42 : Apologies if you’re a female and I referred to you as he.

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My ISP blocks incoming port 443. How can go back to direct mode as it is only working in relay mode since OS5. This wasn’t a problem with OS3 for me. I’m happy to SSH in and edit any configs, but can’t find anything that can help with this.

Bro i’ve done my research. The nasAdmin proxy server is not responsible for file transfer traffic to incoming port 4430/443. All that it does is reverse-proxy to the admin dashboard. The service that’s giving me grief is called restsdk-server. That’s the binary that connects outwards to WD’s servers (,,,, etc) and is responsible for determining if local port forwarding is allowed or if everything must go through WD’s proxies, as well as transiting all of the traffic that gets relayed! So your assessment happens to be wrong at least in so far as nasAdmin handling these mystical closed-source abominations. I’m asking WD to fix my Direct/Relay connections, i’m not sure why you had to creep out of the woodwork here and lecture in a seemingly condescending fashion as if you know all the answers or something

Using words like “our” and “we”, and having SONY007 respond to him and weeks go by without you barging in there, you can see why I assumed Nicholas75 could be a company representative. In retrospect, yeah he’s probably a spammer sharing documentation or quotes from the company. Doesn’t change anything else in terms of my question or the fact that WD clearly needs to respond to our pressing concerns with some solutions urgently