Safepoint - can't find USB HD

Hi again

So my woes seems to  continue. To temporally mitigate the risk of disk failure, I wanted to backup the My Cloud locally in lieu of my preferred cloud solution. However Safepoint can’t find the external HD I have plugged into the device though the USB-port. I’ve reformatted it in NTSF and FAT32 but no matter what it keeps stating “No devices found” :-/

It’s just a standard Seagate goflex 1TB external HD. 

I’ve tried searching the forum, as I guess I’m not the only one struggling a bit, but I haven’t found any threads where WD My Cloud simply didn’t register the device :-/

Hello and welcome to the WD community.

Have you tried a different drive to see if the same happens?  You can also try checking the drive for errors just in case. also try to reboot the My Cloud device.