Cloud backup of contents on WD My Cloud

Hi everyone

After I switched to a new laptop with limited space on the 125 GB SSD-HD I opted for a My Cloud 2T to use as external drive for primarily all my family photos. However I figured that it would be a walk in the park to allocate my google drive to the external drive, so I would a second copy of all of the pictures, in case of HD failure or (more importantly) theft or fire. However to my amazement that’s not possible? :-/ 

Have any of you found anyway to do this or do you know if WD are on the verge of releasing the function? I’m very stressed about the fact  that all pictures of my kids growing up are all on physical harddrives in the same location. 



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Oh, I forgot to add: It doesn’t necessarily need to be Google drive as any cloud service is fine with me. However the cheaper the better  (I have 70 GB pics, so ideally I would prefer the Google 100 GB @ 2.5$/mth) 

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On the Mycloud EX2 and EX4 you would have some services that can backup the units, But the Mycloud only has the safepoint as an option to back the unit on a different location, but right now there is not cloud backup option for this device.

If you want you can check our ideas board and post this suggestion if it is not available, or vote on it if it has already been suggested:


Thanks for the answer and welcome :smiley:

I actually stumbled across that suggestion board yesterday and found this:

But first of all I’m not quite sure if that suggestion covers my problem (i.e. cloud backup of My Cloud-drive) as my English and/or technical skills may not be entirely up to the par :slight_smile: Furthermore I know from my own work that development projects that have been idle for 7 months have a very low chance of succeding, so I’m not overtly optimistic that anything will come out of that suggestion :-/