Rsynch on Single Bay WD MyCloud with Firmware Version : 5.17.107


I recently purchased a second unit of WD MyCloud.

I am trying to set up remote back up between two single drive WD MyClouds, both on firmware ver. 5.17.107.

According to My Cloud OS 5: Remote Backups my devices should support this functionality. However, when I try to enable Remote Backup Server as outlined in step A2, I cannot find this option listed under Network section.

Does the single-bay WD MyCloud not support this functionality?



Have you installed the Remote Backups app? Does the destination My Cloud have Cloud Access?

Have you looked at Help in the Dashboard for Remote Backups?
My Cloud OS 5 Online User Manual (
Example Image

Thanks but that doesn’t really help.

Yes, I do have Remote Backups installed, and Cloud access enabled.

To clarify, according to WD’s official setup steps (My Cloud OS 5: Remote Backups), under “Settings” → “Network” , I should be able to see and toggle the “Remote Backup Server” switch. However, this UI element is missing from my MyCloud web console UI.

(Also, when I tried to get the destination folder setup, I got a RSynch error, so I sshd onto MyCloud and I could see that I don’t have RSynch server running.)

It should be noted that under OS3 the remote server option was not supported on the single bay My Cloud units. Likely the same is true for OS5 and the single bay My Cloud (2nd gen) unit. WD likely (for what ever reason) hasn’t updated their OS5 Remote Backup knowldgebase article to reflect this.

How to Create a Remote Backup on a My Cloud Device

A single-bay My Cloud is unable to create a remote backup to another single-bay My Cloud

One could try using SSH to issue rsync command(s) to rsync to another single bay My Cloud. However, this may require additional configuration (particularly of the remote network firewall to setup port forwarding to the remote My Cloud device). And it may open up the remote My Cloud to being compromised or hacked.

Thanks, both of you.

I am gutted, I bought my second unit solely to use this feature!

Try searching through the OS3 My Cloud subforum. There were a number of past discussions on trying to backup one My Cloud to a remote My Cloud using ssh and rsync. Some may have had some success doing so. But there may be additional security issues to consider when exposing the My Cloud to the Internet.

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