Remote backup and ability to get remote device IP from My Cloud

I have two WD My Cloud EX Ultra Devices and I have set them up so that one of them backs up folders from the other one (using the Remote Backups application).

The two devices are not on the same LAN (they are physically in different cities) and they both run My Cloud OS5 and their firmware version is 5.09.115.

The destination NAS device is on a network that does not have static internet (public) IP, so the public IP there keeps changing from time to time.

The instructions on WD website to setup the remote backup clearly state that there should be an option while setting up the backup job on the source NAS to obtain the IP address of the destination NAS using information in the My Cloud account (as the public IP address NAS of any NAS registered on a My Cloud account is communicated to WD servers). As per the instructions, this option should be available on the Remote backup Job configuration screen and labelled “Remote Server”.

Nonetheless and while this option is shown on the screenshots in the WD setup instructions, it is nowhere to be found on my respective source NAS configuration screen. It is just missing…!

Is this option only available on My Cloud OS 3 and no longer available on OS 5?


You may want to see the dedicated OS5 subforum for the EX Series.

It appears the OS5 My Cloud subforum is generally for a different device, the single bay/single drive second gen My Cloud.

I have the same problem.
There is a solution?

Correct. And that is IF they can say, with a straight face, that the new single bay MyCloud is even an NAS device. We have tested a couple at my work and the failure rate is 64%. They DO NOT function well with Macs (makes sense as part of that is coming from Apple, trying to steer users to iCloud). We attempted remote in on several occasions with a 42% success rate. If folks want reviews, head over to Amazon, look up the single bay unit, and put the reviews in order of “recent.” The device is getting slammed and I have to agree that WD is decimating misleading information that the MyCloud single is a NAS device.

It appears you perhaps may be confused on which device this subforum generally is for. It is not for the single bay My Cloud Home device, which is still be sold. This subforum is (or was apparently) for discussions on the older second generation single bay My Cloud device running the OS5 firmware. There is a separate subforum (OS3 firmware) for the My Cloud Home device:

The single bay My Cloud Home isn’t really an NAS (even a very basic one). The single bay My Cloud is a very basic NAS. The single bay My Cloud is generally no longer being sold (last manufactured date was Q2 2017). People assumed the My Cloud Home was a replacement for the My Cloud, it wasn’t which many have discovered after buying the My Cloud Home. The My Cloud Home line is a completely different set of devices than the My Cloud line of devices.

Single bay My Cloud:

Single bay My Cloud Home:

Actually reading the initial post, the thread was about using the EX2 devices in tandem of one device, backup to another device and then is OS5 compatible. Based on what you say, OS5 is for the new single bay MyCloud (which most think it’s a solid NAS device, it’s not). Thus, my side comment reply was directed at the mere mention of the single bay unit.

I’m at a loss as to the entire point of your post(s), other than to complain about something. The OP’s post talked about backing up from one EX Ultra device to a second, remote, EX Ultra device. My initial reply was to point out that there is a subforum for the EX Series of devices and that this subforum (My Cloud) appears to be for discussions on a different OS5 supported device, the single bay My Cloud.

You respond to my initial reply post, for what ever reason, to talk about, and complain about how; “that is IF they can say, with a straight face, that the new single bay MyCloud is even an NAS device.” Then go on to talk about problems with a couple devices you tested, for “work”; without specifying if you are talking about the single bay My Cloud or single bay My Cloud Home because they are two separate and distinct devices.

I have used a single bay My Cloud for many years. and have repeatedly (in the OS3 subforum) voiced over the years the many issues with the unit and its firmware along with some suggestions on workarounds to the various issues. The single bay My Cloud it appears was designed and marketed for the home use market. There are better WD (and other manufactures) NAS type devices for “work” use than these very basic home use NAS single bay My Cloud units. YMMV

Hello Bennor and many thanks for taking time to reply to my initial post.

Would you be so kind as to providing a link to the proper forum for my initial issue. I have been reading though Forum here and there and I have been unable to find an answer to the issue. Furthermore, I have forwarded the same question to the support team of WD only to receive a very general reply that I am to have a look at the same online article (Answer ID: 30036 - My Cloud OS 5: Remote Backups) which I had already studied inside out. Nevertheless, my question was never answered and this article seems not to be applicable for OS5.

The above screenshot is included in Answer ID: 30036. Nonetheless, the second option (Remote Server, with the drop down selections) seems to be missing from the Remote backup application in OS5…

My intital reply had a link to the OS5 EX Series subforum where there are various discussions about OS5 on the EX2 Ultra. Here is that link again:

There appears to be a couple of discussions in that subforum on remote backup issues.

Edit to add: It appears there is some sort of third party app called Remote Backup that one may have to install, if it isn’t already installed on an OS5 multi bay/multi hard drive unit.

My Cloud OS 5: 3rd Party Apps Matrix