Backup Woes with Single Bay My Cloud Devices

I swear by WD disks. However am woefully dissapointed in two new My Cloud devices i bought to replace my Live drives which have given me years of great service and peace of mind.

The idea was to have one drive in daily use for the family and have it create a safepoint on the second device - simple enough.

Setup of both devices was as ever easy. Both on the network, pingable, static IPs - the works.

Then the disappointment.

No mentionn of Safepoints in the dashboard. Odd. There is a new option Backups. This i have learned from trawling the net is the new name for it. Ok can live with that. Not too far out of my comfort zone yet. The manual PDF that I downloaded still says Safepoints in the Table of Conents but the actual section is named Backups so perhaps an oversight on the documentation by their Quality Department??

Apparently you now do a remote backup to another MyCloud device. So enabled ssh (wtf!!) With default username of sshd (madness).

Setup a remote job. Provided credentials - it finds the second device…cooking with gas now I thought. However when you browse for destination folders it fails. Seems you have to enable Remote Server option on the destination device…and GUESS WHAT??? It doesnt exist - period. Seems single bay My Cloud devices dont support this option.

How bad is that. Didn’t some engineer, somewhere think “Wait we are actually dumbing down one of our flagship products??”

If i could return the second device i would!!

My question then is this…has anyone else got a way of backing up one my cloud device to another?? Without using a third device like a mac or pc

Needless to say this has shaken my confidence in a Brand i once held in high regard.

Perhaps a Black box warning on the box saying the device CANNOT be used to backup a similar device would be in order.

There are a number of past discussions on the fact that the second generation v2.x single bay My Cloud User Manual has a number of errors in it including the Safepoint / Backup wording. The inability to backup from a single bay v2.x My Cloud to another v2.x My Cloud is another common complaint discussed in a number of prior discussions including one as recently as yesterday.

As explained in that discussion there is a WD Support document covering the inability of the v2.x single bay My Cloud being used as a backup destination for another v2.x single bay My Cloud.

Unofficial workaround(s) to solve this inability may be to use SSH and Rsync to backup from one device to another. Do a subforum search for Rsync to find past discussions on using Rsync to copy files from one My Cloud device to another location.