Restart after upgrade to Firmware Release 2.30.181 (01/12/2018)

OK… any idea how long it should take to reboot after a firmware upgrade to Firmware Release 2.30.181 (01/12/2018)?
The download was quick (less than a minute), the upgrade was quick (less than a minute), but then it rebooted with the usual message “system rebooting, do not disconnect from power during reboot…” and it’s been “rebooting” for over an hour now.

I guess something is not right. Anyone else had this issue?
I will leave it overnight, but in the morning if it still hasn’t rebooted, what can I do? I keep remembering the warning about not disconnecting it from the power during a reboot, but what choice would I have? Will it make the unit unusable?
Any guidance would be helpful… by the way, this is on a PR4100.


It never takes more than 10 minutes.
Did you have any apps installed from the WD app store?
Some apps have problems to unmount, causing hangups during a reboot.
e.g. older versions of my Entware package suffered from this.

AFAIK, if you don’t hear any disk activity, it is safe to reboot by long-pressing the power button.

Thanks Tfl,
only the standard apps… http, ftp etc… and Plex.
Checked in the morning and still sitting at the rebooting stage… zero disk activity so held down the power button. It took about 2 seconds to shut down. Waited a minute then turned it on and all appears ok now.
Thanks again… I just get nervous shutting it down when there’s a big message saying don’t do it while rebooting.



My PR4100 does this often. After a firmware update or just a general power off. Hangs with the same message. If you’ve left it longer than 30 mins or so, just hold the power button until it turns off, power it back up and all will be good.

One test case for this scenario is if you have a USB device plugged in to the PR4100 when you reboot it. I haven’t seen a fix other than just manually rebooting the unit. I have experieneced this myself first hand many times.

Funny, I just tested this myself with the new firmware and the exact same issue occurs. Whole system freezes if you have a USB hard drive plugged into the PR4100.

Thanks robledrew… good to know.
I don’t have any usb devices connected however. I normally don’t have any issues with restarting, it was just this time with after the upgrade.

Ahh, sorry to lead you astray then.

Well it’s good to see that after almost a year, a new firmware release and guess what happens during the reboot… same thing… hang city!
Got worried by the warning message but remembered this post last time… thanks again guys!
The gift that just keeps on giving :slight_smile: