Replacing old with new

I wish I’d found this forum before I bought a My Cloud Home. I see I’m not the only one who happily used a My Cloud for years only to replace it with a My Cloud Home and realise the thing is useless. I can’t access it from my TV no matter what settings I put in Plex (tried other media servers too), I can’t connect it to laptop for fast transfer, I just hate it and wish I hadn’t bought it. Rant over :slight_smile:

My question is: my old My Cloud had a corrupted drive. Can I take the drive out of the MCH and put it in my old MC unit? If so, do the settings come with it (i.e. can access via browser, can connect with ethernet etc) or are these also on the disk itself? I am not very good at networking so please keep your replies simple, but I am handy with a screwdriver, youtube, and being pointed in the right direction.

EDIT: Alternative question would be, which NAS drive should I buy or is there any empty unit I could buy that will take the disk inside the MCH and have the same functionality as my trusty old My Cloud.

My suggestion is to buy a Synology Nas, they have the best solution. My Cloud Home is useless.

@PineappleNurse You can search the Knowledge Base for topics on what you want to do.

For a drive look at this on the WD Red drives.

Thank you for the recommendation

Thank you I will take a look :slight_smile: