Replacing the drive in the NAS-unit

I have a WD Mycloud 6 TB (WDBCTL0060HWT). The LED is solid red, and I can’t login to the NAS. There seems to be a problem with the drive. Luckily I have managed to extract most of the data by moving the drive to a computer, and now I am looking for a replacement drive so that I can use the NAS again.
The bad drive is a WD60EFRX. Can this be replaced by a drive called WD60 EFPX or even WD60 EFAX ? Are these discs compatible?

Or is it better to forget about fixing the old NAS, and buy a completely new one instead?

Thank you for your advice!

You can use pretty much any HDD (non SSD) in a single bay, single drive WD My Cloud enclosure. Personally I’ve successfully experimented with a number of different SATA HDD (WD Green, Blue, Red, white label HGST, and one from Seagate) in a first gen single bay My Cloud enclosure. The single bay My Cloud unit may have a limit on the maximum capacity however. Its possible drives over a certain capacity (I think it might be 16TB or larger) may not show their full capacity once “unbricked”.

However, due to the age and limitations of the single bay My Cloud units, especially the OS3 limited first gen single bay My Cloud, one may want to seriously consider investing their money in a better NAS enclosure. There are several other manufacturers to choose from (Synology, QNAP, etc.) that offer single and multi bay NAS units. WD seems to be slowly ending sales of the My Cloud line of NAS units. Do not bother with the My Cloud Home line, they are not real NAS devices.

The one disk NAS is better solved using s 4 disk model that an tolerate a disk failure
larger 8 disk models can handle 2 disk failures.

I really, really liked my 1st Gen Mycloud. I smile everytime I power it up.

BUT - - -the time for these units is passed. I would not go through the hassle of new hard drive and the unbrick process.

As Bennor suggests. . . . .AVOID the WD Home line of NAS boxes.

If cost is a factor; there is much to be said for a good single drive NAS drive. Of course, if you go two bay - - -you do get the ability to have mirrored drives; which has it’s charms. It’s only about $50 more (plus cost of the second drive

In the WD lineup, the EX2 Ultra is a decent unit.

WD units are defiantly cheaper than the models I quoted above; but there is a distinct difference in features and software quality. Plus, as Bennor suggests, the writing on the wall for WD NAS equipment is pretty apparent.

Seconded. I, too, really like the MyCloud NAS drives but when WD abandoned the Gen 1 devices (and who knows when they will abandon the Gen 2 devices?), I moved over to Synology. They will continue to work way longer than any of the MyClouds.

Time to move on.

Well - - - Quality is always an issue. I don’t know if the Synology units are more robust - - - - but the software definitely suits me better.