My cloud EX2 ultra - second drive Appears bad

Hi everyone, hope I will find some help here.
I have a mycloud ex2 2x6to. Since the firmware update in July, the second disk drive appears being bad and the Raid 1 status is bad also. First drive is still ok and can be accessed through home network.
Is there a way to repair the second disk drive ? I would like to try to format it but I can’t do it from the WD dashboard as it proposes only to format the first drive (second drive is not show as it is considered as being out of order)
I’ve try to restore the RAID but it doesn’t work (42702381 minutes needed!!)
Is there any solution other than buying a new WD hard drive?

See the dedicated subforum for the EX2 where users more familiar with that device may be able to assist.

Generally this subforum (My Cloud) discusses the single bay/single drive My Cloud.

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No one to help ?

I would not fool around with a bum drive in a NAS unit. Remove it at once! Even if you don’t replace it! Once the drive is out of the case, you could try any number of disk repair methods using either a drive enclosure, or perhaps sticking it into another computer.

Regardless, I would be reluctant to put it back in the NAS; even if you “fix” it. . . .then you definitely want to get another drive. It doesn’t have to be a WD; just a suitable (NON SMR) NAS rated drive.

Actually, I cannot put in another computer (I only have macbooks), and I don’t have any enclosure for 3,5" drives, I need to buy one but if I understand your advice, it’s better that I don’t use it anymore in the NAS. The current drives are WD60EFRX, which looks to be CMR and called now RED plus. I’m just worried about the reliability of these drives, as one of them seems to be completely down after 4years only…