Both of My cloud Gen 1 showing signs of failing

Hi All
May have already asked about this but
I have 2 my Cloud gen 1 worked ok upto the last few weeks
One will disappear off network and i have to reboot …have reloaded firmware a few time#
even taken it back with factory reset
the Other on seem ok but getting slow have doen all test quick and full even done firmware as well
What can i replace them with the other unit do not appear to do the same as my units
Advise please
Bit let down by WD that have abandoned the gen 1 units so quick

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Thanks looking now …bit dearer over in UK

If both units do not indicate any alerts or issues in the My Cloud Dashboard alerts or diagnostics section then look at your network setup. Have you added or changed anything recently on your local network? New broadband provider? New or replaced network equipment?

If both units are failing (hard drives can/do fail) then one can either replace the hard drives with either new or spare/unused hard drives. Search subforum for “unbrick” for directions on how to attempt replacement of the first gen single bay My Cloud drive. Or a better option/suggestion. Buy a newer NAS from another reputable manufacturer like Synology or Qnap that is currently still supporting their product(s). Both sell lower end NAS units that typically have more features and better hardware than the single bay My Cloud.

Typically many if not most manufacturers eventually end support for devices they no longer manufacture. WD indicates the first gen single bay My Cloud ended manufacture in Q2 2016. And that they end update support 4 years after last manufacture date.

WD Product Software Support Status

You can wipe (restore) the drives and reset the NAS to factory spec. There’s not a lot to go wrong with a NAS drive other than the HDD itself, and its unusual for two separate NAS drives to go bad at the same time.

“Unbricking” the drives is a pain, and not for the faint of heart!

I have both Synology and WD NAS drives. One isn’t better than the other but they do different things differently and one may be preferred in one application over the other.