MyCloud Home - WD should have done better on marketing to tell the "truth"

I wanted to buy a very simple NAS for my IP Cam NAS recording. I checked out many shopssss, oh ya, I do not see “My Cloud”, which I bought at least 4 unit previous for my friends and family for the same purposes, on the shelf anymore… I was told, MyCloud HOME is the new model and replacing MyCloud.

After unboxing, power up, immediately I sense something VERY WRONG. Ok, the next 1 thousand words will be repetitive all over this forum. Basically, it is a emotional transformation from puzzled, frustration, unbelievable, acceptance and eventually disappointment.

MyCloud Home IS SIMPLY NOT a replacement model for MyCloud!!!

I live in Singapore, and I could not return this, there is no return policy here. Hence, I am stuck with an white elephant.

To WD, and many, you may have think that I should have done my homework. Yes, indeed, I should have. Look at the forum, full of “victim” like me. Hence, I can’t help to draw a simple conclusion… FROM NOW ONWARD, I MUST DO MY HOMEWORK AND THINK TWICE BEFORE I TOUCH ANOTHER WD PRODUCT AGAIN.

There is a serious problem with the packaging and marketing, all the way to the shop outlet, it is simply lack of notice on this very specific way of using this product, which eventual lead to this frustration and disappointment. Like it or now, I feel like being tricked! Fine, here my S$300 donation and that should be final one. Thank you very much.


I realize that I cannot connect the My Cloud Home to the PC directly right after un-box.
And the My Cloud Home even cannot connect to the server.

What a stupid I am.

This is the story of every other MCH user. Now I am planning to buy a diskless Synology NAS, and reuse WD HDD from MCH device.
MCH has already become a nightmare, there are no proper updates, in place of support there is nothing and finally there are dumb replies from WD Staff on WD Community and emails.