Replacing My Cloud Home Device

The my cloud home device fell, and it will not turn on. I bought a new device, but I am not finding any way to remove the old one from my email so that I can add the new one. There are instructions for demoting a device, but those only work if you can actually turn it on.

Any suggestions?


@Sucellos Use the link below, it comes from the Knowledge Base.

Thank you for the response. I believe that is for mycloud, not mycloud home. When I log into mycloud home, there is no icon for the device. Is there a different article in the KB? I have searched, and I am at a loss.

The solutions to your problem are:

  1. Contact Support and ask them to remove the older MCH from your existing account
  2. Create a new Account with a different email address and setup the replacement MCH

@Sucellos Contacting Support can be for anything, a link was provided in the info.

Try this link, click on WD_Admin and Message to ask for help on this.