I got a new MyCloudHome for exchange

Hi team, I bought a MyCloudHome on weekend, but it went offline right after setup. And I could not get it back again. I spent a whole night on it, and try the reset, but there was no DHCP request from that device at all.

That’s why I got the refund and take a new one for exchange today. But I couldn’t find a way to connect my account to the new device. I searched the documentation, and I know if I want to disconnect the old device, the device is required to be online. But since the device went offline, and be returned to the store, I can’t remove it.

There is no data on the old device, so it’s safe to disconnect from my account. I would appreciate if you could help.


the only way for you to disconnect the account is to perform a full reset on the device. Since you were not able to do that you will need to contact WD support and they can disconnect the account for you.

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