Replacing Hard drive B after failure


I have just replaced a WD Green drive with the code WD20EARX 2.0TB with a WD Green Drive WD20EZRX 2.0TB and I get a warning that that drive has failed and it is too small. Does the Drive have to have exactly the same code number to work or is something else amiss. Any help on this gratefully received.

Many thanks in advance.

Hello, In the WD My Book Live duo they have to be the same model that came with the drive, if they are not you might encounter the issue that you are having.

Based on the details provided, it seems you replaced a 2TB WD Green drive (model WD20EARX) with another 2TB WD Green drive (model WD20EZRX). The warning about the new drive failing and being too small is likely due to one of these potential issues:

  • Incompatible firmware - The WD20EZRX model may have newer firmware that is not fully compatible with your system. You may need to update drivers/firmware or roll back to an older version.
  • Format mismatch - The new drive may not be formatted properly for your system. Try reformatting the new drive to match the old one.
  • Capacity reporting - Some systems rely on specific model numbers to determine capacity. So it may incorrectly see the new 2TB drive as smaller. You can try updating the firmware/BIOS or reformatting.
  • Faulty drive - There’s a small chance the new replacement drive is defective or was damaged during installation. Try testing the drive health with the manufacturer’s tools.
  • Other incompatibility - Less likely, but there could be other low-level technical differences between the old and new drive models that cause an issue.

So in summary, the same 2TB capacity should work, but model number differences may require some additional steps to get the new drive fully functional. Start with firmware and driver updates, reformatting, and testing the new drive integrity. If issues persist, you may need to replace with an identical drive model for guaranteed compatibility.