Western Digital my book II drive replacement question


I have a My book II with (2) 500gb green drives running in raid.

The exact p/n is wd5000aavs-00ztb0

One is going bad.  Can I replace it with another green drive of the same size

even though it isn’t the exact p/n?

How about this one…WD5000AZRX  it is the same size and is w/d green.

Thanks for the help…


  1. i dont suggest using the green drive with raid because it doesnt have TLER

  2. i wont suggest using a diff p/n because it may have a diff buffer size. it is a must to have an identical drive on a raid. you may use a diff p/n or diff buffer size however there is a big possibility that the drive(s) will fail because of their difference

  3. if the drive is still under warranty i suggest calling wd to have you drive(s) replaced.