My Book Studio II keeps rejecting new Green HDs

I have a my book studio II 2TB external hd and after 6years of service on of the disks die. I decided to update both of the drives with new WD Green (model: WD10EZRX) with the same capacity 1TB each. I was previously running the my book as raid 1.
After i put the new ones it keeps show me an alert and rejecting the new drives…
I tried everything from installing the latest firmware and Raid manager but nothing happens.
Does anyone has an idea why is that happening…?

Hi, what where the model number of the previous drives? I believe that the My Book Studio II only recognizes with the same model.

The previous model was WD10EAVS . And the obvious question is if the drive fails this will take some years to happen , such in my occasion, so where the hell i am going to find the same model after 6 years…?
This is just ridiculous , why to sell a hard drive that you advertise has interchangeable disks that doesn’t recognise the same type, brand and capacity disks because you could’t find this model on the market after 6 years…
I really can’t understand the policy of Western digital, and to be true it didn’t clarify anywhere what were the compatible disks accept the thing that say use only western digital green drives.

Hi, I understand, however I am not sure that it only recognize the same model drives, you may contact contact support to verify if this information is correct.

I send an email but i didn’t receive an answer yet.