Remove My Cloud account

I’m returning my My Cloud Home, for several reasons. How do I delete my My Cloud account?



Hi genaldar,

Your should have a look at the link given below.

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Good afternoon,
I hope you don’t mind the reply, having read your answer regarding restore to factory settings does it still retain the My cloud account? I assume the same login details would be the same? the reason I ask is I think my Microsoft account has been hacked I have carried out the necessary steps ie scans, new account etc I only want to change the email address as the password has been changed, I read the option to 40 second reset which I have attempted on 3 occasions each time the indicator light blinks and did so for hours. In this day and age I can’t believe you need to reset a device just to change account details, I am assuming that should I invite another user the permission would need to be confirmed by email to which I no longer have access.

I will not lie I am fast becoming less impressed with My cloud home.

please could you advise me the best course of action. Hope I make sense lol



If I have posted this in the wrong place please accept my apologies.

Hi fireguy1978,

As per the instruction given in the link mentioned above, you have to press the reset button for 60 second to system erase a my cloud home to factory settings.

It would delete all the data on the my cloud and the device owner.

many thanks for the information

And in what that would delete the Web account?
Question is about deleteing MyCloud account which is not on the hardware device.
I too want to delete my cloud account (the one on the web) but it’s not possible.
Pressing reset won’t do any magics to go over the Internet and suppress the account in the web

The answer is in the knowledge base:

My Cloud Home

Contact Support with the email address of the account to be removed from the My Cloud database.

STOP\ 6%x35 Critical:
Removing or Deleting the account will permanently prevent access to the data stored in the My Cloud Home user private space. No other user will be able to access the data even if a new account is created with the exact same email address and password credentials. THERE IS NO GOING BACK! THIS ACTION CANNOT BE UNDONE! .

I did. They are supposedly working on it.
Ended reformatting my NAS and copying back all data.
Saved actually 650Gb!!! Which were eaten by the indexes.
Never going to turn WebAccess on again.