Bought a used MyCloud home (3 weeks) Need full access!

  • I have no access to users….and I need to know if the former owner has access to my MyCloud.
  • I can’t rename the device.

I have probably a guest account which is approved by the former owner. This (probably) doesn’t allow one to change the name of the device or see / add / delete users.

How do I get full access over my device?


factory reset ?


Of course I won’t place any data on the device if there’s someone else who can access it.


I am going to sell one piece of this also.
There is no chance to understand how you should delete the admin account, the device owner account.

When you follow the instructions on the wd-support-site they say that everyting is being deleted when you click on “reset all” but your user name is still there. I also need help to reset to factory settings. They say it can be done by following the instructions, but that information is wrong.


Did you solve the problem?
I am selling the product and cannot delete my device admin profile.

Did you contact the seller? What did he/she say?


Yes I did found it on WD support.

You need to hold the pin-reset-button for more than 30 seconds, but NO MORE THAN 50 seconds.
This function will demote the Device Owner to a Device User in order to change
ownership of the My Cloud Home device.

If you’re going to sell it…probably more than " 60 Seconds or until the LED Blinks and unit powers off"
This process will delete all data, all Device Users and the Device Owner.

Check out this link:



I did that also, but it didnt work.

Do you have full access now?


After I have pressed the button for > 60 sek the device powers off and then starts blinking again forever. In the instruction it should blink a couple of times and then show a solid white light, that unfortunately does not happen. Bu i guess if someone logs in on the device he becomes the new admin user.



I pressed the button for 40 seconds. I needed to create a brandnew account, using an other email address.
Using the new login I now was the device owner (superuser) and was able to kick all other users…


good to hear, thanks!