MyCloud WD account change or delete

When you want to share your MyCloud contents remotely, your user must create a MyCloud Account through Western Digital’s gateway. I have some and my users have some. One of my email accounts has been compromised and I’d like to remove it or change the email address. So too have I removed some users who have accounts that are no longer needed. Is there a way to change an email address or even delete an unused account or will those unused accounts self-destruct in time?

Do you own the single bay WDMYCLOUD?

Have you checked the dashboard?

To remove or change an email address on the website one may have to contact WD Support (see the Support link top of page) directly and ask them to remove or change the mail address. WD did at one time have a support article on how to delete or remove a account, but it is now just a dead link.

Another option is to try and change one’s email address through the My Cloud Dashboard > Cloud Access section. One may have to delete the user’s Cloud Access, then select the Invite button to setup a new email address for that user. Or remove the user account entirely from the My Cloud Dashboard > User section.

Some additional WD Knowledgebase Articles that may be relevant.

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This sounds scary. My Cloud is working fine. I guess it isn’t important that unused accounts are polluting their server. Thank you for your immediate response - very helpful.

Account management could be better thought out.

One of the weaknesses of OS/5 that won’t be improved