Remove cloud access for a user

After updating my MYCLOUD to OS5 im still trying to sort problems out.
Under the users section my name is the only name listed. But under the cloud access section there is three other names.
my name. Gary
Part of what looks like my email address.
And a old work friend.

How do i remove the old work friend and what looks like my email. Hope the images may help that i included.

See the My Cloud OS 5 User Manual. It explains how to remove a user from Remote Access/Cloud Access.

Removing Cloud Access from a User
Use the following steps to remove cloud access from a user.

  1. On the Navigation bar, click the Cloud Access icon.
  2. Select the user from whom you want to cloud access.
  3. Click the Delete icon.

If one wants to remove a user see the instructions in the OS5 My Cloud User Manual.

Removing a User

Use the following steps to delete users from the My Cloud device.

Note: The Admin account cannot be deleted.

  1. On the Set Up Users screen, select the user you’d like to delete.
  2. Click the Remove User icon.
  3. In response to the confirmation message, click OK . The user account is removed from the device and no longer appears in the user account list.

Nope that did not work. it still stays there asking you to invite them again. but doing the 40 second reset has removed the user.